UPDATED:  June 2, 2020

Please understand we are receiving an EXTRAORDINARY amount of puppy requests!  Wait times on the lists may be longer than usual.  But getting the right puppy is worth the wait.


5-30-2020 Greta had 5 BIG Beautiful puppies!  3 boys and 2 girls!  All are Black and White except 1 Blue boy.

Please go to the “Puppy Litter Pictures” page of this website for pictures of all our litters.



We will plan to have a litter in the fall 2020.  You can put your name on the list for this one as well.



6-1-2020 Blaze had 1 Red and White baby Boy!  Have no fear the little brown potato will turn red very soon!  He also is spending his time with Greta and her crew so he has siblings and lots of milk!

Please go to the “Puppy Litter Pictures” page of this website for pictures of all our litters.


We will plan to have a litter in the fall 2020.  You can put your name on the list for this one as well.



For PICTURES of this and past litters please go to this website’s “PUPPY LITTER PICTURES” page.

Keep checking back for updates.  If you would like to be added to a waiting list for either Cardigan or Pembroke puppies send me an email and let me know.  Please put “corgi puppy” in the subject line.




A tough decision to be sure!  Both are GREAT Breeds!  Happy to talk more about this when we talk in person.  Until then please look at the following links.  They will help you understand both breeds.  Please do not look to other outside sources as to which one is “better”.  These two clubs are the best resource.

PWCCA:  http://pwcca.org/about-pembrokes/pwc-faqs/


CWCCA:  https://cwcca.club/breed/faq/



My goal in my breeding program is to produce corgis of excellent health, good temperament and structure conforming to the AKC breed standard.  I generally breed 2-3 litters per year.  All pet puppies are sold exclusively under a spay/neuter contract and limited AKC registration.  Show puppies are sold under private agreement.

I am a member of the Ohio Valley Pembroke Welsh Corgi club,  The Pembroke Welsh corgi club of the Potomac, The Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America, The Chesapeake Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club and the Virginia Kennel Club. I strongly adhere to all of these Regional clubs, the CWCCA and PWCCA Code of Ethics in my breeding practices.

Code of Ethics:  http://www.pembrokecorgi.org/code.htm

All puppies are whelped and raised in my home.  There being exposed to all the sights and sounds of a busy household.  They will all have the kid tested seal of approval!  Puppies are allowed to go to their new homes after 10 weeks of age.  I guarantee the health of all my puppies.  They will have received age appropriate vaccinations and have been vet checked and cleared.

I do NOT ship puppies.  They must be picked up at my home.



All sires and dams will have been checked and cleared for hip dysplasia (OFA: Fair or better) and eye cataracts (CERF). Cardigans will have been cleared additionally for PRA.  Pembrokes will also be checked for vWD.  All will have been tested for DM and results will be available.



Fluffies are exactly the same corgi except with somewhat longer hair.  It simply comes from a recessive gene.  These dogs are the same great little dogs and same great personality but for the hair.  Please see a picture of a typical fluffy below.  An occasional trip to the grooming salon can usually keep them looking beautiful!




If you are interested in a MarKris puppy please email me.

EMAIL:      markris.corgis@gmail.com

Then I can send you a puppy questionnaire so I can get to know you better.  Please put “corgi puppy” in the subject line.



From time to time I also have retired champions and older puppies that are looking for great new homes too.  If an adult might interest you please contact me.



See photos of Current and Past Litters on my “PUPPY LITTER PICTURES” page on this WEBSITE.  Just click any litter picture on that page to find the pics of that specific litter.