Truman Test Results:

Hips: Prelim GOOD         Eyes: Clear         PRA: Clear         DM: Clear

Fluff: Clear          EE: (Pink) Clear         vWD: Clear

Pedigree link:

Truman has two proven litters on the ground.  1st litter is hitting the show ring now!

You can find a Truman Kids page button at the bottom of this page.  Click the button to see more pics of some Truman Kids.  Or click this link:


Truman was once again SELECT DOG Saturday, August 17, 2019, at the Cardigan Supported Entry in Greensboro NC for his third Major (5pts) towards his Grand Championship!!!

8-17-19 Greensboro SD 5pt major

Truman won SELECT DOG Saturday and Sunday June 29 & 30, 2019 for two 4 point Majors toward his Grand Championship.  No picture as he was more naked than last weekend!

Truman has won his 5th MAJOR finishing his CHAMPIONSHIP!!!  He was WINNERS DOG and BEST OF WINNERS at the Virginia Kennel Club Dog Shows in Richmond VA on June 22, 2019 for a 4 pt major!  He was kinda naked!  But got the major anyway!

Richmond Champ Finished 6-22-19


Truman winning a 4 point MAJOR at the Raleigh Dog Shows March 23, 2019!  His 4th Major!  He was WINNERS DOG, BEST OF WINNERS and  BEST OF BREED Owner Handled!  He needs just 1 point to finish his Championship!

Raleigh 4pt Major-A

Raleigh 4pt Major


Truman’s win pictures from the Middle Peninsula Shows Jan 26/27 2019.  Truman’s 2nd and 3rd MAJORS!!!  He was WINNERS DOG and BEST OF WINNERS both days.  Expertly handled by my daughter Amanda Sarafolean






Some candid shots from the Middle Peninsula Shows Jan 26/27 2019.  Truman won WINNERS DOG and BEST OF WINNERS for TWO 3 Point Majors!!!




Richmond Shows June 19, 2018