These puppies are beautiful examples of Truman puppies!  He produces beautiful head pieces, front assemblies, lovely neck lines and lots of bone.

8 Weeks

All grown up!  Everybody tried their best show dog stances.  Some better than others!


6-7 Weeks June 14, 2019

4-5 Weeks May 30, 2019

They are all getting so big!


3 Weeks –May 15, 2019

Mama has Super Milk!  They are huge!  Takes two hands to pick them up!  All of them right at or above 3 pounds!  Also we have lots of Blue Eyes and Brown ones too!  “Pepper” is the girl.  The rest are the boys.

First solid food:

Cutest Pics:


2 Weeks –May 8, 2019

They are really starting to grow and move about the box!  So big that the girl thinks she can eat Mama’s food!


First Week– May 1, 2019

4-25-19  Birthday!!!  5 Blue Merles!  3 Boys 2 Girls!